How can I clean my printer's ink leakage?

If you're talking about routine maintenance, use Windex and carefully wipe the splatters using dustfree cotton pads or Q-tips. Isopropyl alcohol mixed with purified water (not tap water) will work as well, though you need to be careful when wiping plastic with alchohol as it may damage the finish. Opening the printer up to do a thourough job is a huge undertaking and not for the feint of heart. With the tight tolerances and delicate inner workings, it's easy to mess up the guts. Take it to an authorized service facility or just replace the printer. Most printer cleanings will run you about $45, so ask yourself if it's worth your time and the risk of messing up the printer. You should be able to swap out the refills for new OEM Hp cartridges and everything should work fine.

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