My HP laser printer leaves black lines and extra print on pages. What can I do?

Most likely it is the toner cartridge that is the problem since it is the most recent thing changed and your problem started shortly afterward, and if it is a recycled cartridge then the odds are even greater. But, it could also be your fuser that is doing this. The problem is that a residual image is being left on either the toner cartridge drum or the fusing roller. What you can do to determine where the problem is, is to start a print job then open up a cover to stop the print midway thru and look to see if it has printed far enough on the page where it should show the secondary image (if not, try again and wait just a second longer). If the second image is present before it reaches the fuser, then it's the toner cartridge, if not, then it's the fuser assy. Make sure to carefully remove the piece of paper so as not to leave any torn pieces behind and pull it out in it's normal direction of travel thru the printer. If you have your old toner cartridge available and it can still produce some kind of print, you might try it to see if the problem is still there or not. If it is, then it's your fuser, if not then most likely your toner cartridge.

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