My Lexmark printer won't print black. Will cleaning the cartridge help?
It seems that your ink cartridge's print head's nozzles are dried /clogged. You can try this fix that has worked great for some sort of ok for some other cartridges. If nothing improves or it leaves streaks of white areas when printing then the cartridge must be replaced. Take a paper towel fold it in half and wet it with WARM WATER (the inks are water soluble) and gently wipe the jet nozzle area with it. the ink should flow somewhat freely onto the towel without much help. In tougher cases sometimes it will actually help it to flow easier and force the dried ink out of nozzles if the cartridge is tapped /banged onto the damp towel (the towel is laying on a flat surface). Another possibility is to let the cartridge sit on the damp towel for a few minutes.

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